How Often Should You Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020
smoke detector

Whether you have a lot of smoke detectors at your business or just one at your house, you should know when to change the batteries. Most people wait until they hear that annoying beep to change them. But, you don’t have to irritate your employees or yourself by waiting for that noisy reminder! Here are some tips to help you know when to add new batteries to your detectors.

Make a schedule

Making a schedule is the easiest way to keep up with your smoke detector batteries. It is recommended that you change them every six months. It might be easy enough to mark your calendar for one residential detector, but businesses and large corporate buildings hold more detectors than a house.

One way to keep up with changing a lot of batteries is to create a schedule for whoever will be taking care of the task. You can set the reminders to coincide with tasks, like changing the clocks when the time changes. With the digital age, manually changing clocks isn’t that common, though. You can choose a different biannual task, like special meetings, HVAC/R check-ups, or deep cleaning.

Know what type of batteries to use

A good way to figure out how often to change the batteries is to know what type your detectors use. Some use lithium batteries that can last up to ten years, but these typically expire when the batteries do. Others use options that won’t last near as long, but don’t need to be replaced often. You will need to become familiar with the batteries your devices use and where to get them.

Ask an expert

The surest way of knowing when to change your smoke detector batteries is to talk with professionals. They will be able to evaluate all of your detectors, tell you what batteries to use, and let you know when to have any devices replaced. They may also be able to work with you on a schedule to handle everything for you. This is especially beneficial for large businesses that simply don’t have the resources for this task.

How to replace the batteries

Once you have decided how often to change the batteries, you should know how to. The following steps will help you easily avoid those annoying beeping sounds and keep your property safe.

  1. Remove the cover: Most smoke detectors come with a removable cover that will easily allow you to access the battery(ies). You may have to remove the entire device from the wall to get the cover off. After taking off the cover, remove the battery case (if one is present) and take out the old battery.
  2. Replace the battery: Most smoke detectors require one 9-volt battery, which should be easily accessible. Simply put a battery in, close the case, put the cover back on, and reattach the detector to the wall.
  3. Test the detector: You can do this by pressing the button on the front of the device until you hear the fast beeping sounds you would hear if it was detecting smoke.

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