What Is Fiber Optic Cable?

Wednesday, May 5th, 2021
fiber optic cable with light at the end of the strand

Fiber optic cabling is different from your average cable. It carries signals by communicating pulses of light that are generated by small lasers. It is a network of cables with strands of glass fibers surrounded by an insulated casing. The cable has three components that consist of the core, the cladding, and the coating around it. 

How does fiber optic cabling work?

The cables consist of a collection of strands of glass. In the center of each strand, there is a core. The core provides a way for the light to travel and is surrounded by a thin layer of glass. This layer is called the “cladding” and helps to reflect the light inside to avoid losing the signal. The two major types of fiber optic cables are single-mode and multi-mode. Single-mode uses thin strands of glass and a laser to generate light, while the multi-mode cable uses LED lights. 

What are the pros of fiber optic cable?

  • Fiber optic cables can perform at a better capacity than other types of cabling. They reach a much higher bandwidth than something such as copper cable. 
  • There is a lesser need for signal boosters since light can travel for a longer distance in the fiber cables. 
  • There is a lesser chance for interference. The physical attributes of fiber optic cables help to prevent this issue. 
  • Since no electricity is involved with fiber optic cabling, fiber internet has a lower chance of going down during a possible power outage.
  • Fiber optic internet is extremely fast compared to another high-speed internet options.

What are the cons?

There are very few cons when it comes to fiber optic cabling. 

  • Fiber optic cabling has a higher cost upfront. Over time, costs are lower. The initial installation cost is generally higher than other cabling installations. 
  • Since fiber optic cable is thin, there is a chance of damaging the cable itself. Damage to just one cable could possibly affect service for many individuals. 

Does your business need fiber optic cabling?

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